The Rack | Lumber Storage Rack

I now have a new, much improved wood storage solution. Before I had wood sitting on sawhorses in the basement, that was taking up a large amount of space, which is now freed up for more useful things. As I mention in the video, this wood rack is based on The Wood Whisperer “Racking My Brain”, Episode 144.

I also want to thank Marc, Matt, and Shannon for taking my question about wood storage location back on Wood Talk Online Episode 83 (Yes, I planned on this that long ago, and just got around to building this recently…). I was hoping the garage would be a suitable location, since I could then reclaim space in the basement shop. As it turns out, it’s also a better location due to the increased air flow.

Video Introduction & Shop Tour

After doing a couple of “alpha” test videos with the Narex chisel videos I did, I thought it would be cool to start adding video content more consistently to The Wood Lab blog. Here is the introduction to this video series, and then cap it off with a tour of my shop! Let me know what you think!