The Rack | Lumber Storage Rack

I now have a new, much improved wood storage solution. Before I had wood sitting on sawhorses in the basement, that was taking up a large amount of space, which is now freed up for more useful things. As I mention in the video, this wood rack is based on The Wood Whisperer “Racking My Brain”, Episode 144.

I also want to thank Marc, Matt, and Shannon for taking my question about wood storage location back on Wood Talk Online Episode 83 (Yes, I planned on this that long ago, and just got around to building this recently…). I was hoping the garage would be a suitable location, since I could then reclaim space in the basement shop. As it turns out, it’s also a better location due to the increased air flow.

2 thoughts on “The Rack | Lumber Storage Rack

  1. Hey Jim – nice rack!

    It is amazing how much space you can reclaim by getting some sense of organization to your lumber. Looks good, I hope it serves you well.

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