Hi folks, my name is Jim Ashley. I call my woodshop “The Wood Lab”. It’s the place where I share my journey in woodworking, and is one of the places where I “unplug” from my IT day job. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Jim, l just finished watching your Nicholson workbench build YouTube video. I am very interested in building something similar.and would like to draw from your experience. I would like to know what have you learned from this project, what would you different, what would you add or cut out. I’m working in a limited space (8×16 with 2 doors) and I am primarily a hand tool woodworker. Primarily meaning, I do have some power tools and they do get used.
      Thanks, Dan Webber

      1. Hey Dan, thanks for checking the workbench videos out! I had debated going with an 8 foot or 6 foot bench and glad I went with 6 foot. It avoids overcrowding its space and I definitely like being able to walk around the bench and use it from either side. I’m also glad I placed the removable gap stop in the middle, making it a split top. While I do like the Veritas inset tail vise, it does take quite a few turns to move it any distance. Check out Andy Klein’s kickstarter for a vise he’s offering (seach kickstarter for Twin Turbo Vise). Hope that helps!

  1. Thank you so much for all you are doing for our communities! It is most impressive and truly kind.

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