About The Wood Lab

profile-summer-2016-cropHi folks, my name is Jim Ashley. I call my woodshop “The Wood Lab”. It’s the place where I share my journey in woodworking, and is one of the places where I “unplug” from my IT day job. Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “About The Wood Lab

    1. Jim, l just finished watching your Nicholson workbench build YouTube video. I am very interested in building something similar.and would like to draw from your experience. I would like to know what have you learned from this project, what would you different, what would you add or cut out. I’m working in a limited space (8×16 with 2 doors) and I am primarily a hand tool woodworker. Primarily meaning, I do have some power tools and they do get used.
      Thanks, Dan Webber

      1. Hey Dan, thanks for checking the workbench videos out! I had debated going with an 8 foot or 6 foot bench and glad I went with 6 foot. It avoids overcrowding its space and I definitely like being able to walk around the bench and use it from either side. I’m also glad I placed the removable gap stop in the middle, making it a split top. While I do like the Veritas inset tail vise, it does take quite a few turns to move it any distance. Check out Andy Klein’s kickstarter for a vise he’s offering (seach kickstarter for Twin Turbo Vise). Hope that helps!

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