Converting My Shop Lights To LED Tubes

Some time back I began converting my florescent tube shop lights with LED tubes. They use the existing shop light fixture, and can be rewired to remove the ballast. They provide a whiter, brighter light, and is a worthy shop upgrade. It was a pretty simple process to rewire each fixture, which I show in this video.

Before attempting a conversion like this, be sure you understand how to work with wiring, and understand electrical concepts. Ensure all power is off to any light fixtures prior to working on them.

Different shop lights have different wiring configurations. Do your research to understand how your lights are wired, including how the connectors (or “tombstones”) are wired, and purchase the correct LED tubes for your situation. This video shows my light fixtures, with compatible LED tubes.

Additionally, there is some published information citing concerns over some LED lighting and UV radiation, and its effect on the human eye. The LED tubes I purchased indicated that they do not emit UV radiation.

Again, please do your research here to purchase the lighting that is best for your situation.

Hyperikon 4′ LED tubes (clear)

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Simple Sawhorses

Sometimes everyone needs to do some shop builds. I used to have four of the plastic sawhorses, but I killed two of them when I built my workbench. I decided that my next set would be ones that I built.

For these ones, each sawhorse gets three pieces of 2×4 cut to 32″ for the “I beam” top and 4 pieces cut to 30″ for the legs. There are many ways to do sawhorses – this type I was introduced to by Paul Meyette. Some may recognize them as well as the type Jay Bates did a few years back. I’ve linked to both of them below.

Paul Meyette sawhorse video:

Jay Bates sawhorse video: