6 thoughts on “Mill Boards In Two Sessions

  1. wow, that’s quite a cup. Did you mill evenly from both sides? were the boards stickered afater the initial milling?

    1. Hi John, If I understand you correctly, yes. I jointed one face, then one edge. Then to the thickness planer to mill the other face parallel to the first, then over to the table saw to rip the last edge parallel to the first. When I was done, I did sticker them.

      The one thing I can think of is that when I milled them, the shop humidity was ~60%, and when I took that picture, it was probably down to about 30%. With the rain we’ve had recently, the shop is back up to about 50%, so might take another look at it tonight when I get home from work…

    1. Hi John, I did get to check the board. Still cupped, but not quite as much. I didn’t mill again though as I was focused on a shop organization project last few weekends. Hopefully this coming weekend I can go through the next milling session.

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