Narex Chisel Set Unboxing & Test Drive – Part 2

I finally got some supplies to start flattening and sharpening the Narex Chisels I got from Lee Valley a while back. So here is part 2 of the test drive where I compare a tuned up chisel to one of the ones untouched out of the box. I’ll also over go over some of my sharpening setup. Thanks to Kari Hultman and Mike Morton for the info they provided me recently regarding my waterstone!

FYI – Lie-Nielsen’s YouTube that I mention in the video is back online here under their new account. Their sharpening guide can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Narex Chisel Set Unboxing & Test Drive – Part 2

  1. The drywall screen is money! Great tip by Kari. You’re probably already used to how often to flatten based on your pencil marking – once you get used to it, it’s a fast easy step to include during sharpening. I’d say invest your money in 8k stone or strop rather than a flattening stone – you won’t gain anything (that I can tell anyway) from an expensive flattening stone. I like mine because it’s even slightly easier and less messy than the drywall + glass – but that comes at a high price!

    I’ve got a bunch or narex chisels to tune up and video as well – heh – thanks for reminding me 😛

    1. Yeah Mike. I started each session by flattening, then sort of guessed on when to do it again during the sharpening – I found I was doing it a bit more when it came to doing the bevels, probably because even if doing it in a fan shape, I didn’t want to dish the stone out too much. Fine tuning how often to do it as I go along though, I have about 3 left to do out of the set of 7.

      Glad I was able to help and remind you to tune yours! 😀

  2. Nice video! I really did shudder when I saw you using your nice new, and newly sharpened, chisel on a piece of wood in a machinist’s vice!! One slip, and it’d be back to the sharpening stone!

    I did have to bail on the video early, though – it’s bedtime for me – but I’ll definitely be back! Keep up the good work.

    1. haha… no worries, and thanks John. Yeah, I need a good bench with a a vise. I did try to make sure the work piece was away enough from the machinists vise. I scored my lines ahead of time too to give me a “stop” as well. Thanks for dropping by!

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