Narex Chisel Set Unboxing & Test Drive – Part 1

I recently received the seven piece set of Narex chisels on sale currently at Lee Valley. Over on site, Marc recently did a video of his sharpening system. I commented on the post saying it was timely since I was expecting my shipment of these chisels. He replied back that lots of folks were inquiring about these chisels, and was interested in my thoughts on them. Given that, I thought this would be a good opportunity to do an “unboxing & test drive” video. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Narex Chisel Set Unboxing & Test Drive – Part 1

  1. Cool site. I just bought this same set, and sharpened my first three chisels this week, using what I learned on Marc’s video. I’ll be interested to see how your experience compares.

  2. Hey there! I just found your site, from your post on TWW (video on sharpening). I like your approach and ‘style’, so if you’ll pardon me I need to spend some time poking around your site! 🙂

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