Changing Gears – A Child’s Work Table

I have some of the parts milled to rough dimensions for the end table, but I am putting that project on the back burner for a short bit. I’ve been on vacation this week, and now that we’re into August, start of school is just around the corner. My son will be entering first grade, and I thought that a child size work table/desk was in order, so that he would have a place to do what homework they get in first grade. That, and the fact he is proficient enough in using computers that I thought he should have his own setup – and keep all those silly, kid apps off of my wife’s and my system – oh, and he can have his own Linux VM on his own system 🙂 .

This should be a fairly quick project. I have the table top glued up and I did a simple roundover along the edge. Being a kid’s piece of furniture and likely to get beat up some, I’m using poplar. I know some may cringe at this, but I’m using pocket holes to join the apron to the legs. The method to my madness here though is that, as he grows, I can easily replace the legs with longer ones down the road. I’ve started the pocket hole joinery, and should have the legs/apron part done hopefully tomorrow, and the piece ready for finishing sometime this weekend. I’ll post pics once it’s done.

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