Grand Slam! Major League Woodworking Tools

I know, I know… I’ve been terrible of late in posting things… both here and my other blog. The Holidays and working some OT last month threw me off the schedule a bit. Last November, I took a visit to my local woodworking supply store, Beaver Woodworking, which had some of Major League Woodworking’s Grand Slam tools. I’ve been trying to organize the shop a bit, but took some time last weekend to do some “test chiseling”, and I must say it was much easier to control the chisel when using a proper mallet (I haven’t owned any mallets prior to this one).

The kit comes with the baseball bat shaped mallet, a marking gauge, and paring blocks. I posted a few pics below.

The tools come in a well packaged box, there is also a layer of the foam that was over the tools to protect them.

The baseball bat styled mallet.

The marking gauge.

The paring blocks.

I must say I am pleased with the quality of the maple wood used in making these tools. The marking gauge slides well, and locks down easily. It also has a more of a knife-like marker rather than a point like marker, which I think will make for a better mark that cuts the fibers more easily. If you’re not in the southeastern part of Massachusetts, you can order them directly from Major League Woodworking’s site. You can also find a video review of these on Marc Spagnuolo’s (a.k.a. the Wood Whisperer) site, under the “Whisperer Minis” section.

Great quality and a very fair price in my opinion. These will be staple items in my shop.

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